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We are glad to announce the Official Release of FINE™/Turbo & FINE™/Design3D version 11.1.

This version comes with a documentation platform accessible on-line, or for download with the software package, in our customer area on AutoBlade™, AutoGrid5™ and CFView™ are also available as stand-­alone.

Several improvements and new capabilities, described in the section 'New features' of the documentation, have been introduced to ease your daily work and extend the scope of application of FINE™/Turbo and FINE™/Design3D, in particular:

  • AutoGrid5™: Snubber - new topology for real 3D geometry: non-axisymmetric, on any blade, with fillet
  • AutoGrid5™: Contra-rotating fan wizard for specific bypass configuration
  • FINE™/Turbo: Ability to run parallel computation using IntelMPI (set by default on Windows)
  • FINE™/Turbo: Ability to inject NLH acoustic mode at the inlet of a flow domain
  • FINE™/Turbo: Mesh deformation - Major improvements for mesh quality in tip gaps with sliding nodes
  • FINE™/Turbo: Mesh deformation - New Inverse Distance Weighting (IDW) method, all methods now compatible with NLH
  • FINE™/Turbo: Ability to use cooling/bleed module with condensable gas (including NLH)
  • FINE™/Turbo: Harmonic approach in two-way FSI modal coupling
  • FINE™/Turbo: New management of output parameters
  • CFView™: TurboWizard plug-in - Automatic turbomachinery-specific postprocessing
  • CFView™: Ability to synchronize the views
  • CFView™: Ability to control the view background
  • FINE™/Design3D: Perform optimization with FINE™/Open coupling (centrifugal compressor application)
  • FINE™/Design3D: Support for strict constraints in design space

Please visit our product section for more information or contact

We hope you will take benefit from this new version.



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Yannick Baux

Yannick graduated as Energy and Environmental engineer from the French engineer school INSA Lyon. After working for six years as a CFD consultant and part-time lecturer, he joined NUMECA in 2016 as turbomachinery products and applications manager.


  • allan grosvenor September 08, 2016 23:14    Reply

    Looks like an impressive new release. Congratulations!