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With most of us being at home due to COVID-19, now is probably as good a time as any to explore new and exciting technology.

Technology that will bring you a guaranteed productivity gain. Get your results faster and at a greatly reduced cost, thanks to dedicated application workflows, which cut down on pre-processing and simulation run time.

This is OMNIS™ - from design to optimization, in one cutting-edge CAE environment.

Join any one of our upcoming webinars in your field of choice. Our experts will be there to answer all of your questions.


Boost your productivity with the new release of OMNIS™ v4.1


End-to-end aerodynamic simulation workflow of Drivaer in OMNIS™


Webinar: Automatic Mesh Generation in OMNIS™


Webinar: Solving complex combustion challenges with CFD


Webinar: Take advantage of the new pressure-based solver in OMNIS™




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Anne-Marie Schelkens

Anne-Marie is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator of NUMECA International, responsible for driving our worldwide marketing activities. Prior to joining the company in 2016, she held various roles in the Automotive and ICT industry in Belgium and Spain.


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