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What if you could run all of your simulations in one environment and simply change from one physics to another by clicking a button? Simulating external aerodynamics or thermal behavior, to tonal and broadband acoustics, to complex flows with rotating parts would become unbelievably intuitive.



And what if you could run CFD technology 10-20 times faster than any other solution on the market allowing you to

  • Evaluate a large number of design variations taking into account real-world conditions in a limited amount of time.
  • Or simply saving you an enormous amount of hardware resources



Or if you wanted to hone in on your flow analysis and wanted to run various levels of fidelity, from (U)RANS, DES/LES with FVM or Lattice-Boltzmann technology, or take into account particles with varying shapes and sizes by DEM?




Industrial requirements for design based simulations cover a broad range of complex disciplines including nonlinear physics, sophisticated algorithms and numerics, cutting-edge computer science, big data, cloud access, automated workflows, intelligent optimization or man-machine interactions.

As a consequence, designers, scientists or engineers from large- and medium-sized companies are often using a large number of CAE codes and software tools with different user interfaces, operating systems, data structures and file formats, each of them focusing on their specific discipline, with no or poor connection between them. A common platform giving access to all the CAE tools and solvers, fully scriptable, largely parallel, and controllable in batch and interactive mode would benefit these users greatly.




This is why at Numeca we created OMNIS, a cross-platform, multiphysics and multi-fidelity engineering environment which boosts the productivity of engineers and scientists.

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Joris Vanherzeele

Joris holds a MSc in electr-mechanical engineering and a PhD in engineering sciences. After various commercial roles in different industries he is now heading up the sales and marketing department for Numeca HQ.


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