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Professor Charles Hirsch gave the annual ‘Introduction to CFD’ course at the von Karman Institute last week.

This course included the basics of CFD from an industrial aspect. Research master students of von Karman institute benefited from this very special course where Professor Hirsch showed exclusive academic and industrial CFD application examples as well as giving the general feeling of approach to industrial CFD problems.

This course was followed by lectures from NUMECA experts in which the theoretical background to create industrial andacademic CFD cases was discussed on the basis of students’ educational background.

In addition  hands-on training sessions allowed to experience the usage of FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ solver, together with geometry manipulation and meshing tools for accurate CFD solutions, OMNIS™, and AutoGrid5™.

At the end of these training sessions, the participants learned to set up all the CFD chain starting from their theoretical knowledge to post-processing of the obtained results with critical thinking, including the very important steps of geometry preparation and meshing essentials for high-quality CFD simulations.

We wish the best success to von Karman Institute students in their research master journey, hoping this training will help them during their studies and in their future professional life.


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Guven Ogus

Guven holds a PhD from University of Leuven with a specialization in physics of swirling jets. He also has a research master degree from von Karman Institute for fluid dynamics focusing on Aeroacoustics. Since 2018, he is part of NUMECA as an academic applications engineer.


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