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Konstantinos Ntonas from the National Technical University of Athens is using NUMECA software for the design of a high efficiency turbocharger with a wide operation range in his PhD.

He is performing an optimization for each component of the turbocharger individually as well as for the entire system using in-house design codes. The results of the optimization are going to be used as initial geometries for CFD parametric studies. He starts the project by meshing in AutoGrid5™ which is a part of the free student offer.



He describes his project as follows:

‘In order to widen turbocharger operation range, some techniques will be tested using CFD simulation, such as ported shroud and variable guide vanes. In addition, emphasis will be given in researching new techniques for increasing operating range and reducing efficiency loss. Finally, a turbocharger diagnostics procedure will be developed based on turbocharger test rig data and artificially introduced malfunctions. Apart from that, a CFD compressor fouling model will be developed based on public literature and test rig measurements from a fouled compressor. ‘

We wish him success in performing this interesting project!

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Vikramaditya Gaonkar

Vikramaditya Gaonkar holds a Master of science degree in Computational Mechanics from the University of Stuttgart, Germany and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Spain. He works in the Academic Group at NUMECA since 2017.


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