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Today’s multicore computers allow you to perform more simulations in less time for bigger, more complex and more accurate simulations than ever before. High-Performance Computing (HPC) accelerates the pace of product development, maximizing your power for multidisciplinary engineering simulations.

One limiting factor in accessing this power from large computing clusters is that in traditional licensing models, the cost can be quite high for certain companies or projects. Furthermore with software licensed on a per core basis, resources can also end up being underutilized, bringing unnecesarry costs to certain projects.


NUMECA’s Cloud-Power-by-the-Hour model

This is where NUMECA’s Cloud Offer now provides the solution. With our flexible HPC-On-Demand model, we enable users to scale up or down to as many cores as wanted, depending on their current needs and regardless of the size or location of their available computing resources. At any time it is needed the most, engineers can scale up to even thousands of cores and seats and choose how many simultaneous simulations they want to run.

Engineers can scale up to even thousands of cores and seats and choose how many simultaneous simulations they want to run.

This way we make HPC affordable for anyone and offer burst capacity at times of peak demand for more complex projects.

There is no need even to stay behind a desk anymore. Thanks to the easy-to-use web browser access, users can connect to their simulation environment from anywhere. No need to install software and no need to shop around for hardware, NUMECA provides the full environment and the latest technology.

Our Cloud-Power-by-the-Hour model is designed to ensure that users can maximize the value of their computing power and fully leverage their investment in our simulation technologies.


Key Benefits

  • Affordable and customizable
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Run from anywhere through web browser access
  • No need to install any software or hardware


For more information or to try it out yourself, check out our webpage where you can request a quote adapted to your particular needs.


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Anne-Marie Schelkens

Anne-Marie is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator of NUMECA International. Prior to joining the company in 2016, she held various roles in the automotive and ICT industry in Belgium and Spain.


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