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Astrid Delparture has won the NUMECA Award of the University of Mons for her excellent work in simulation. Her work is titled:


Numerical study of the influence of a pressure measuring catheter in the diagnosis of the severity of a coronary stenosis by the "Fractional Flow Reserve" method.


In cardiology, the FFR (Fractional Flow Reserve) invasive method is, to date, the most reliable in the detection of coronary stenosis. Its principle is to measure a pressure gradient between upstream and downstream of stenosis through a catheter with a percutaneously introduced pressure probe. Based on the measurement results, it can be decided whether it is necessary to intervene to restore adequate heart irrigation.

The FFR method is subject to inaccuracies: the introduction of the measuring instrument into the coronary arteries interferes with the flow and distorts its own measurement results. The main objective of this end-of-studies work is to study the influence of the presence, diameter and the position of a catheter on the measurement of the pressure gradient around a stenosis coronary, to analyze the relevance of the diagnosis.

In order to carry out this study, numerical simulations are carried out on the 3D models of arteries obtained from data of patients of the hospital Ambroise Paré Hospital of Mons. To do this, it is first necessary to generate the 3D geometry by a tomography software and then exploit it with a CAD software (Computer Aided Design) to decline it into different configurations (healthy artery, stenosis, with or without a catheter whose diameter and position vary). Finally, numerical simulations flows are applied to 3D models using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) software.





NUMECA congratulates Astrid Delparture for this excellent work.


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Colinda Francke

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