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The simulation of viscous free-surface water flow (defined as CFD – Computational Fluid Dynamics - using RANS approach) is a subject that has reached a certain maturity and is nowadays used in industrial applications, like the simulation of the flow around ships and off-shore platforms. While almost all methods used are based on the Navier-Stokes equations, the discretisation methods for the water surface differ widely. Many of these highly different methods are being used with success.

One of these methods that is being used in industrial practice: the surface capturing with Volume-of-Fluid in the FINE™/Marine developed by NUMECA and CNRS/Ecole Centrale de Nantes is presented here, by describing in detail its implementation. The main topic of this part is the compressive flux discretisation schemes for the volume fraction that are used in this code. Then the advanced efficient technologies are implemented to ensure the highest accuracy of the results. Among others will be highlighted:

  • Full-hex high quality mesh generation both structured and unstructured approaches and automatic
  • Adaptive grid refinement AGR
  • Overset with AGR ensuring continuity between background and foreground domains
  • Uncertainty Quantification
  • Automated Optimization System in from parametric modeler, mesh generator, CFD solver, database and surrogate modeling involving AI, advanced optimization algorithms, RDO (Robust Design Optimization) and efficient data-mining post-processor.

After showing its validations for Cargo Vessels & Cruise Ships, Motor Yachts & High Speed Crafts, Sailing Yachts, Propulsion, Wind effects, Seakeeping, brief examples of optimization are given of its use in 2 different applications: large ferry hull and propeller.

Content of Program

  • Introduction to NUMECA and FINE/Marine
  • Overview of CFD for Marine Applications
  • Discretisation Methods for Free Surface Flows
  • Simulating Fluid-Structure Interaction
  • Some Applications on Marine Vessels and Structures

About the Speaker

Dr. Aji Purwanto

Graduated from ISAE – Institut Supérieure Aeronatique et Espace, the French High Engineering School for Aerospace, in Toulouse, France and INPT in Master Aerospace Engineering and a PhD in Turbulence Modeling in 1994, he has wide experience in aerospace industry and academic functions. He was R&D engineers and scientists at Airbus, SAFRAN – SNECMA, Indonesia Aerospace Inc., and as research scientist at ENSICA-ISAE, he was also lecturer at several French “Grandes Ecoles”: ISAE (Ensica & SupAero) and ENAC. His domain of interests covers CFD, turbulence modelling, turbomachinery, marine CFD, and sales & marketing in Industrial CFD. He is currently Business Development Director at NUMECA International, offering and developing partnership cooperation with NUMECA


When:  Friday July 6th 2018, 09:00 am to 2:30 pm
Venue:  Singapore Polytechnic

Lecture Theatre 12A (LT12A) - at the ground floor of T12

Singapore, 139651 - Singapore


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Aji Purwanto

Aji Purwanto


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