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NSI in cooperation with NUMECA and DLTM is pleased to bring you this exciting seminar on how to cut your cost and time in ship design using FINE™/Marine.

Get the chance to listen to the experts and to gain insights on:

  • How Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) using FINE™/Marine can improve and accelerate your ship design process.
  • How the latest advances in CFD make this technology highly accessible for any company in need of more affordable design solutions.

Agenda points: 

  • NUMECA's dedicated solutions for the marine sector: Bi-phase, 6DOF, Mooring, Auto-propulsion, Propellers... 
  • FINE™/Marine application examples: sail boats (America's Cup, ...), power boats, merchant vessels, ...
  • High quality automatic full-hex and hex-dominant mesh generation with HEXPRESS™ and HEXPRESS™/Hybrid
  • FINE™/Marine wizards: resistance, sea-keeping, hull-planing, open-water, sail boat, hydrofoils, multiple speed and conditions in one click, ...
  • FINE™/Marine on the cloud by NUMECA-CloudPower-by-the-Hour and NUMECA-CloudPower-by-the-Year (powered by UberCloud and HPC centers worldwide)


WHEN:  Monday 11th September 2017, 14.30 -18.30

WHERE:  Polo Universitario G.Marconi - Aula 2 - Via dei Colli 90 - La Spezia - Italy

REGISTRATION:  Registration is free but mandatory. Limited seats available.

Note: the workshop is in Italian language.


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Aji Purwanto

Aji Purwanto


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