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Ship maneuvering simulations in a dedicated marine software environment

Accurate prediction of maneuverability performance in the design stage enables a designer to take appropriate decisions in good time to achieve his objectives. Maneuvering includes consideration of acceleration, zigzag, turning, course-keeping, etc.

All that can be simulated thanks to FINE™/Marine!

During this webinar several features will be explained and illustrated for these applications, clearly demonstrating the ability of CFD to manage them with total accuracy.

Connect from anywhere in the world to one of the sessions most convenient for you.


Date and timing: Wednesday, November 30th 

European and Asian business hours: 10:00AM (Brussels), 4:00PM (Beijing), 5:00PM (Tokyo)

N.S. American business hours: 11:00AM (San Francisco), 2:00PM (New York), 8:00PM (Brussels)


FINEMarine overset grids technology gif

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Benoit Mallol

Benoit holds a master degree in Mechanical and Numerical modeling from the University of Bordeaux (France) with a specialization in CFD dedicated to free surface flows. For more than 8 years, he has been working on the FINE/Marine software. As the product manager and head of the marine group, Benoit drives the product roadmap, acts as the CFD technical expert to support all our offices around the world and makes sure that the software remains the reference on the marine market.


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