Consulting & Applied Research Solutions

Consulting services are an integral part of NUMECA´s technology-based solutions, offering advanced applications in flow engineering. NUMECA’s engineering services are designed to provide high-quality solutions, targeted to your specific projects and needs. 

NUMFLO, a subsidiary of NUMECA International, offers consulting services, as well as research and innovation activities, for everything from fluid flow and fluid/solid multiphysics analysis to full design and optimization projects.


Creating your virtual world

NUMECA engineers are dedicated partners in whatever challenges our clients are facing, across a variety of industries. When you choose to work with NUMECA, you gain access to a team with years of expertise in your specific industry - up to 75 years of combined knowledge and experience!

We know consulting is not a one-size-fits all approach: our experts have successfully partnered with both large, global OEMs and small niche businesses.

We offer our services on-site, remotely, or both - whatever fits the customer’s needs.

Road to Digital Twin

NUMFLO, in collaboration with NUMECA International, developed a systematic approach to "Certification by Analysis", paving the road to a digital twin for your product or process.


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