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Accurate impeller-volute interaction in Turbochargers

Turbochargers are currently ubiquitous in automobiles. It is nearly impossible to find a new Diesel vehicle without turbocharging and direct injection. Gasoline cars have been also following suit for the past few years. Regulations are pushing for lower emissions and the way to achieve this has been downsizing and using turbocharging to offset the lower power density of a smaller motor.

TERATEC 2016 Forum

NUMECA will be present at the Forum TERATEC: HPC bigdata simulation - June 28th & 29th 2016

12th International Conference on Turbocharger and Turbocharging

NUMECA will attend the 12th International Conference on Turbocharger and Turbocharging - May 17th & 18th

Prediction of Barehull Resistance Curve of a Day-Cruise Ship in the Cloud

NUMECA partnering with CPU24-7 and the UberCloud open new era of “One-Stop-Solution” where advanced CFD simulation on HPC is made possible in integrated and cost-efficient way.

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