Innovation & Quality

Webinar: Take advantage of the new pressure-based solver in OMNIS™

Learn about our highly efficient pressure-based solver for simulating the flow in a large number of applications, such as heat exchangers, industrial fans, hydraulic turbomachinery, car thermal management or external aerodynamics.

Webinar: Solving complex combustion challenges with CFD

Join us to discover NUMECA's combustion models, integrated in the new environment OMNIS™, to get the fastest high-fidelity solutions and dedicated post-processing tools to control the formation of chemical emissions.

Webinar: End-to-end Aerodynamic simulation workflow of the DrivAer in OMNIS™

Discover how NUMECA's OMNIS™ helps in the aerodynamic development of cars, providing a fast and intuitive simulation framework.

Webinar: Fully-coupled 3D CFD engine simulations with the Nonlinear Harmonic method

The development of a full-engine 3D CFD simulation framework, from compressor inlet to exhaust hood, using one single tool.

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