Innovation & Quality

OMNIS, one environment for multi level fidelity simulations

What if you could run all of your simulations in one environment and simply change from one physics to another by clicking a button? 

Webinar: Design, Analyze and Optimize your pump!

With the latest standards and regulations becoming ever more stringent, improving efficiency of your designs becomes key. This implies controlling every part of the process, from the very initial design to the actual final product.

1st TILDA symposium and workshop on industrial LES & DNS

A platform for presenting innovative methods and approaches combining advanced and efficient high-order numerical schemes (HOMs) with innovative approaches for LES and DNS.

Successful Turbomachinery design seminar in Zurich

The NUMECA seminar "Taking your Turbomachinery design to the next level!" in Zurich is turning out to be a great succes.

Summer school is open!

NUMECA International has a whole series of exciting workshops planned for you. Come check it out!