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Masten Space Systems: Reactive flow and heat transfer optimization for reusable spacecraft

Masten Space Systems is using FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™ - NUMECA’s unstructured multi-purpose CFD solver package - for the design and analysis of various elements of reusable spacecraft and lunar vehicles.

Workshops CFD for the Naval Architect in Tampa & Boca Raton, Florida

NUMECA’s technical experts will show you how to use FINE™/Marine, our software platform that acts as a virtual towing tank--with built-in automation features--dedicated to naval architects.

Pumps and Valves Expo in Antwerp, Belgium

A unique event for industrial fluid and gas technologies in Europe’s industrial centre.

Webinar: Democratization of the Nonlinear Harmonic method

Understanding the basics of Fourier harmonic modeling applied to turbomachinery unsteady flows.