Innovation & Quality

The AeroGust Project: Aeroelastic Gust Modelling

The importance of accurately calculating the way an aircraft reacts to gusts and turbulences early on in the design process.

It all starts with the mesh! AutoMesh™ workshop in Madrid, Spain

Join us in Madrid and learn all about high mesh quality for your CFD computations, without sacrificing the user-friendliness and the automation of your meshing process.

Workshop FINE/Agile™ in Lyon, France

NUMECA’s multiphysics CFD simulation and optimization environment for turbomachinery, combined with Concepts NREC preliminary design tools, as a unique state-of-the-art integrated & comprehensive end-to-end solution: FINE/Agile™

CFD Grid Generation with AutoMesh™ workshop in Copenhagen, Denmark

Discover our mesh generators, which seamlessly integrate with commercial, in-house and open source solvers.

Turbomachinery Design Seminar in Twente, The Netherlands

Join us for a seminar in Turbomachinery Design and discover our new integrated 1D to 3D offer in collaboration with Concepts NREC.